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"I'm Gonna Fight" Music Video

Stay tuned for the official release the official music video

of my debut single

"I'm Gonna Fight"


Thank you for your support-  Love you all!!! 

"I'm Gonna Fight"

im gonna fight cover.png

Meet Baylee

Baylee Morrison, a trailblazing artist, is reshaping the country music scene with a distinctive and edgy approach that sets her leagues apart. Fueled by passion and a relentless drive, her journey establishes her as an undeniable force in the industry. Stepping into the limelight after her time as part of Nickelodeon's "Good Newz Girls," Baylee is ready to conquer the industry with her debut country single, "I'm Gonna Fight." This track, co-produced by the award-winning producer and owner of County Q Studios in Nashville, Paul Scholten, and the hit songwriter Steve Diamond, is a trending sound in the making, positioned for chart-topping success.

Originating from Macedon, NY, Baylee's journey has brought her to the heart of country music in Nashville, where she's poised to make her mark at the young age of 19. Her extraordinary rise to prominence began with her work as a member of “Good Newz Girls" formed in collaboration with Tyran ‘Ty Ty’ Smith and Jay Brown Productions. This momentum surged with her pivotal contributions to the Nickelodeon's Monster High: The Movie Soundtrack, “Nickmas” promo and a featured role in Nickelodeon's “That Girl Lay-Lay.” 

Baylee's musical journey is a dynamic fusion of diverse encounters. She started writing and recording at a young age with Elvio Fernandes of Daughtry. She also took part in his immersive experience of Camp Roc Star for many years. Baylee's music style defies conventions, fusing the raw power of classic rock and the boldness of pop with the gritty soul of country music, injecting a rebellious edge. She possesses the natural energy of a rock star, the contemporary allure of a pop sensation, and the heartfelt storytelling of a country legend. She is destined to set the stage ablaze, fueled by youthful dynamism and an edgy style that will infuse new life into the genre. With her powerful debut single, "I'm Gonna Fight" and her undeniable talent, Baylee is not only well-prepared but destined to make a lasting mark on the country music world.

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